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Rose and dry fruit Falooda

Rose syrup flavoured falooda with dry-fruits.

Falooda! The name itself sounds as exciting as the drink. When I was a kid, my parents would take us (my brother and me), to have falooda, to their all time favourite falooda-wala (a small joint that offered a variety of faloodas), on special occasions or sometimes on a lazy weekend. It was since then, that I’m in love with this refreshing drink.

It is believed that falooda has its origin from Persia, where a similar dessert drink called ‘faloodeh’ was pretty popular. It’s a milk based drink, mixed with vermicelli (sevai), sweet basil seeds (sabja), saffron strands (kesar), flavoured with rose syrup,  topped with kulfi or a generous scoop of ice-cream and sprinkled with dry-fruits. One can add or minus the ingredients depending on the taste or preference. Also, you can try many variations of this tempting dessert.

Why is this drink cum dessert perfect for summers?

The sweet basil seeds (sabja) have many health benefits and are packed with nutrition. They act as natural coolant, the best way to deal with the summer heat.

The rose syrup too, helps one cool down.

It’s a milk based drink so it’s a perfect alternative for those who don’t like to have it plain, (brilliant solution for mothers who have fussy kids).

So here goes my version of Rose and dry-fruit falooda.


Serves 2


1 cup falooda vermicelli* (available easily at grocery stores or you can make them at home.)
2 tsp Sabja seeds
1/2 litre whole milk ( boiled and chilled)
1/4 cup rose syrup + 2 tsps for drizzling (easily available in stores)
2-3 scoops of vanilla ice-cream*
2 tsp mixed dry fruit powder (powdered mixture of almonds, pistachios, cashews along with little grated nutmeg) and 1 tbsp mixed dry fruits (chopped) for garnishing.


1) Soak the sabja seeds in about a cup of water, for about 20 minutes. You’ll see them swell up.

2) If you have brought the falooda vermicelli from the grocery store, then cook and drain and keep them ready.

3) Now in a vessel, pour the chilled milk and add in the rose syrup. Mix well. You don’t need to add sugar to the milk as the rose syrup is enough sweet.

4) Taste and check the milk for its sweetness. Add more syrup if need be, to make it sweeter.

5) Now add the dry fruit powder to the milk and mix well.

6) Now comes the assembling part.

7) In a tall glass, put the soaked sabja seeds, at the base. Then add the falooda vermicelli. Now pour in the milk till it fills 3/4 of the glass.

8) Now top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

9) Garnish with mixed dry-fruits and drizzle a tsp of rose syrup.

20170515_224624.jpg               20170515_224614.jpg


*Falooda Vermicelli or sevai is made by using corn starch and water. You can make it easily at home.

1) I used Mapro rose syrup. You may use any other brand of rose syrup. But the sweetness may vary from brand to brand.

2) You may add/minus the quantity of syrup, (to be added to the milk) depending on your taste.

3) You may try adding a few saffron strands to boiled milk, to enhance the flavour.

4) You may alternatively make Kesar falooda by skipping the rose syrup and adding saffron strands to simmering milk and then chilling the milk.

5) I used dry fruits powder to make it healthier.  You may skip it.

6) To all my mommy friends- If you plan to make falooda for your kids and if you don’t have time to prepare this powder at home you may order it from here.

7) I chose to top my falooda with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. I feel, that the combination of Vanilla and Rose, is just perfect. But you may feel free to add your favourite flavours like chocolate, pista or even mango.




Hope you like this recipe. Do give it a try.

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