Mushy love for Mushrooms.

For those who know me, know the fact that I just LOVE mushrooms. 🙂  In fact, if I’m asked to order for a dish at a restaurant, I make sure it is loaded with mushrooms. From soups to starters to curries to a rice or a noodle preparation, I love them in any and every form.

Mushrooms technically belong to the ‘edible’ fungii category and are loaded with nutrients. They are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins especially vitamin D (which is rare to find in vegetables). Mushrooms also contain natural antibiotics and minerals. Click here to know about the health benefits of mushrooms.


So basically, a good mushroom dish equals to a happy me. Here, in this blog I would be sharing, my top 6, favourite mushroom dishes, so far. These are the mushroom dishes/recipes, with a lot of innovation, amazing flavours and uniqueness. They from different restaurants in Mumbai. So for anyone who loves mushrooms, these are worth a try.

 SPICY MUSHROOMS ON KHARI at SodaBottleOpenerWala 

This is one of the most innovative appetizers I have had, so far. For all the mushroom lovers and foodies who like experimenting, this one is worth giving a try

SodaBottleOpenerWala is the best place to be, if you love and relish Parsi food.  What instantly connected me with this place is the fact that it is a restaurant that  tries to revive the dying legacy of the bustling, quirky and colourful Irani cafe culture. Amazing ambience, polite and welcoming staff, great music and budget friendly- this place is surely a stunner.

Their menu is fantastic and has so much to offer to vegetarians too and Spicy Mushrooms on khari, is one appetizer that vegetarians, especially mushroom lovers must try.

So this appetizer is all about crispy and crunchy khari (a puff pastry, eaten as a snack in India, usually with tea) topped with spicy mushrooms and cheese.  Perfect combination! It not just looks amazing but it very delectable too.













MUSHROOM BAO at Cafe Trofima, Shivaji Park, Mumbai

Cafe Trofima brings to you, one of the best mushroom baos in town.

Cafe Trofima, is a relatively quiet place with comfortable and warm ambience, in a much busy area of Dadar, Shivaji park. It offers a huge menu with many options for both, vegetarians and non vegetarians. They mainly serve continental cuisine but, a few Italian dishes have made their way to the menu. Don’t forget to try their desserts, coffees and freakshakes.

Mushroom bao, at this place, stole my heart though. Perfectly steamed, melt-in-the-mouth bun with a generous stuffing of sauteed balsamic mushrooms. A perfect evening snack  and a treat for mushroom lovers.

IMG-20170504-WA0022IMG-20170504-WA0021 (1).jpg






FOUR MUSHROOM SOUP at Grandmama’s Cafe

I have visited Grandmama’s cafe just once so far, but this restaurant has already made it’s special place, in my list of favourites

Grandmama’s cafe is a lovely place for casual dining, serving mainly Italian and American cuisine. Their desserts are  irresistible too. Colourful and quirky ambience, vast menu, authentic and flavourful food and more importantly, finesse in every recipe served and presented, makes Grandmama’s cafe one of the best of its kind.

The four mushroom soup served here, is the best wild mushroom sour, ever. It is a thick and chunky soup, flavoured with thyme and goat cheese. This soup is unique in it’s flavours and is extremely tasty. For people like me, who like to start their dinner with a soup, this is a not-to-be-missed delicacy.

(Since I went in here for a quick and unplanned dinner, I did not carry my camera and hence wasn’t been able to take a good picture. So the photo I am posting here is taken from the internet.)

Image source: Internet


Cafe Mangii is one of the best restaurants in town for lovers of Italian cuisine. It’s romantic and cozy ambience, makes it a great dining option for a date night.

Gorged Mushrooms served here, are totally a must try . These are mushrooms stuffed with herbed creme cheese and Parmesan. The flavours of the herbs and the creme cheese, compliment each other perfectly making this a heavenly dish. I never miss to hog on them, each time I visit this place.

The exotic mushroom soup too, is fabulous and extremely tasty. It’s rich and creamy texture, and the lovely flavours make this soup a must try.

Image Source: Internet

Three Mushroom Soup













MUSHROOM CROSTINI at Lighthouse Cafe, Worli

Lighthouse cafe is a great, weekend dine-out cum drinking place , perfect for parties or dinners with friends. Its lovely decor, good food, good music and a vast drinks menu, attract a lot of crowd, specially on weekends.

Mushroom Crostini has made it to my list of favorites, because of its perfectly sauteed mushrooms with garlic, cooked in white sauce with fried garlic pesto. This dish seems to be curated with a lot of thought and love and is like a burst of flavors. The garlic-y mushrooms, the white sauce and the pesto, make a fantastic combination.

IMG_20170529_005536_416 (1).jpg

Plese feel free to add some of your favourite mushroom dishes to my list, by commenting in the comment section below.

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