If you love Dimsums/ Dumplings then these 5 are a must try!!

I am a huge lover of Asian food. I CANNOT miss out on eating Momos/ Dim sums or Dumplings, if on the menu, at any Asian food restaurant, be it a small local joint or a fine-dine; a desi chinese kind of restaurant, or a place serving authentic cuisine.

By the way, did you know that momos are not the same as dimsums or dumplings?? Yes, you read that right. I didn’t know that either until I researched a little, owing to my love for momos/ dim sums.

While Momos are street food from Tibet, dim sim is a Chinese dish. Find out the difference between them here and here. 


Here are the five must try dimsums –

1.  Waterchestnut and Chive Dim-sums at ‘Schizusan Shophouse & Bar’

These yummy dim-sums are to die for.  I don’t like water chestnuts as such and I always thought dim-sums with the filling of water chestnuts would not taste good. But this place changed my notion and my taste completely. They offer a variety of Dim-sums, Veg and Non-veg.

One portion has four pieces.

Located at: High street Phoenix, Lower Parel

IMG_20180509_015517            IMG_20180509_015600


2.  Asparagus Corn and Burnt Spring Onion at ‘Pa Pa Ya’ 

Pa Pa Ya is one of the most innovative restaurants in Mumbai, I have been to, so far. Well presented food, bursting with flavours is their forte. These dim sums are perfectly cooked and succulent. They are served on a bed of black bean sauce and the dim sum sheet is infused with red and green colour, made with beetroot and spinach respectively. This restaurant is a heavy on the pocket.

One portion consists of four pieces. 

Located at: BKC, Mumbai and Palladium, Lower Parel

IMG_20180113_221425          IMG_20180113_221643


3.  Vegetable Dumplings at ‘Mamagoto’

This is my all time favourite restaurant. The food is extremely flavourful, delicious and cooked with a lot of detailing. The portions served are big, making it a total value for money restaurant.

One portion has six pieces. 

Located at (two locations) : Hill Road, Bandra and Fort, Mumbai.

IMG_20171230_153829          IMG_20171230_153822


4.  Vegetable Crystal Dumplings at ‘Yauatcha’

Yauatcha is quite a fancy restaurant, which is quite steep and the portion served is very less compared to the price charged for it. However, it is again quite an innovative fine dine, and offers a luxurious experience. The teas served here are worth a try. Vegetable Crystal dumpling is one of the best dishes on their menu. The dumplings are perfectly steamed and the filling of vegetables is crunchy and loaded with flavours. The dumpling sheet is very thin making the filling inside almost visible. 

One portion contains three pieces.

Located at: BKC, Mumbai.



5.  Crystal Vegetable Dimsums at ‘And Chillies’

Again, one of my favourite asian restaurants. And chillies is a hidden gem and almost everything on their menu is just perfect and extremely delicious. No one who loves their food can appreciate the restaurant enough! Great quality of food served at very affordable price makes ‘And Chillies’ an absolute value for money.

One portion consists of six pieces. 

Located at (two Outlets): Mahim and Worli, Mumbai.


IMG-20171029-WA0032            IMG-20171029-WA0042


Do leave a comment to share your experience. I would love to hear from y’all! 

1 thought on “If you love Dimsums/ Dumplings then these 5 are a must try!!”

  1. Me too a lover fr momos nd dimsim.. This was great info on Wht to try.. Heard abt mamagoto food.. Nd will make sure fr next visit to Mumbai il make some time fr ther place….


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