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Beach outing with your girl gang is an absolute must, this summer!

Hello ladies!

Summer vacations can be very boring if you don’t have a holiday planned and are staying back in the city. But you can make the most of it, by hitting the beach early in the morning and having fun with your girl gang. Vacation means no school routine, no tiffins and no running behind the kids.  And to add to it, weekend is a good time to leave your kids back at home with the husbands, while you take to the beach.  🙂

So here’s what you can do to have some good time and lots of fun on your beach outing with your friends.


  • Play some amazing games: 

You can relive your childhood by playing games like cutting the cake, dog and the bone, tug of war etc. It is so much fun to be a child again and act all crazy. There’s an added benefit here- you burn a lot of calories. 😛

You can alternatively also play games such as football or throw ball.


Tug Of War
Cutting the cake



  • Have a nice breakfast together: 

When was the last time you enjoyed having a leisurely breakfast, without having the clock ticking , on the beach while gossiping with your BFF’s ? We mommies barely get such occasions when we don’t have to attend to the kids while sipping on our morning tea! You may carry some snacks and have a mini picnic and chat and talk while sipping on your tea/ juice.



  • Relax and enjoy your ‘ME TIME’ :

Motherhood is very demanding and getting some time for ourselves also, can be difficult at times. This is the best way to unwind and have some time to yourself, and do things you miss doing, like reading a nice book, or listening to music.



  • Go for a swim or play some water sports if the beach offers and permits:

Few beaches offer water sports and water activities. This is a nice way to have some fun with your gang. If not, you can always go for a nice swim to clear your mind and relax yourself.

So take that beach outing and come back refreshed and happy 🙂



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