IMG-20151227-WA0057 editedHi. I’m Komal and welcome to High heels and lovely meals! I am a classical dancer by profession and a mother to a naughty little boy. I am born and raised in Mumbai, ( known as the city that never sleeps). True to its description, I love everything about it.

Dance, my first love, is not just my passion or profession but it’s my definition to life.

I am a free-spirited woman who loves to dream and lives life to the fullest, my husband being the wind beneath my wings and my son being my constant source of energy. I feel, being a mother teaches you all sorts of management and makes you capable enough to win over the challenges life throws at you and being a dancer teaches you to defeat biggest of fears and injuries with a smile.

I am a big foodie but health and nutrition are the important aspects of my living although I have my cheat days. I consider myself as someone who loves to get dressed and loves to see the world, who loves to sway along with the music and loves to talk. High heels and lovely meals is my creative outlet and a medium to share with you guys, my discoveries and experiences, all through the journey of being a mother.

Thank you for visiting and hoping you’ll stay a while!